Avoid these Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes

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The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a house. This is where you and your loved ones eat and share stories over meals. This is where you also cook your food that is consumed by the whole family. That is why it is very important that your kitchen is always clean and free from any clutter.

Since cleaning in the kitchen can be a tough task and a time-consuming job, some people usually make certain mistakes in cleaning it. When you are not sure about what to clean or where to start, you can always call on your cleaning service company. Some of the usual mistakes done in kitchen cleaning are discussed below to avoid doing them in the future.

When cleaning the microwave

Irregular cleaning of microwave like oven is one of the kitchen cleaning mistakes which you should avoid. The buildups due to grimes and grease can make your microwave unhygienic. You can clean this by boiling a few slices of lemon in a cup of water in your microwave. This is one small step you can take to a healthier kitchen.

When cleaning the oven

This is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen which is often overlooked when cleaning. Most people avoid cleaning the oven for various reasons like lack of time or hurry to go to their job. Leaving your oven unclean can be harmful to your health as the remnants and greasy substances in it may decay with time and make it unhygienic. To avoid this, clean your oven at least every two days. You can use a quality cleaner on all the surfaces of the interior and exterior of your oven. Then wipe it properly to remove any odor which could be left by the cleaning agent.

When cleaning the fridge

This appliance is essential to any kitchen home. This is where you usually store your perishable and other products that get spoiled easily so it should be cleaned regularly after some days to keep it hygienic and healthy for your family. Some people often take months before they check their fridge. Every week before you do your groceries, run a quick check to the items inside your fridge and throw the old ones or those which have expired already. This is also to make room for new items and to make sure that all the items inside your fridge are fresh.

When cleaning your kitchen cabinets

Some people commit mistakes while dusting their kitchen cabinets. They usually clean their cabinets without removing the stored stuff in them. This will allow pests and other insects to spoil the dry foodstuff stored in them. When cleaning your kitchen cabinets, remove each and every item from the cabinet to clean it thoroughly and rearrange them properly for future use.

These are just some of the mistakes that people usually do when cleaning their kitchen. Remember that a clean kitchen also constitutes a clean home.

Room by Room Cleaning

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How do you make sure that your house is well-cleaned? What are the things you do to make sure that everything is organized in your home? Do you do your own house cleaning or do you hire professional cleaners to clean your household?

Whatever your choice may be, it is no secret that we must always keep our homes clean. Families especially those with working members have less free time to tend to house cleaning chores. Sometimes they just leave the cleaning to the house cleaners. However, it becomes an overwhelming task if you don’t keep up with it.

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Cleaning tips for each area in the house

Different areas in your house require a different kind of cleaning. There are some areas where the growth of germs and bacteria is rapid compared to other rooms. There are also rooms where you spend most of your time so they need the most number of cleanings.

Kitchen and the dining area Cleaning

The basic task you can do to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your kitchen and dining area is to wash the dishes and clean the sink and countertops. Wipe up messes on the stove and inside the microwave. Remember that the floors are also part of the kitchen and dining area so they are also a constant cleaning job. Every few weeks, run a cleaning solution through the dishwasher to prevent buildup and ensure sparkling dishes. Do not also forget to have your kitchen hoods clean once in a while to remove unwanted odors in the kitchen and to also prevent grease buildup in your kitchen hoods.

Clear out your refrigerator before doing your weekly shopping to remove any old or spoiled items and to make room for your fresh groceries. Once in six months, remove all the items from your kitchen cabinets or pantry and wipe down the shelving. This can also be a good time to check all the canned goods you have and throw away items that have expired.

Living room Cleaning

The living room does not require much of an everyday cleaning. The only problem with this area is clutter. Always remind family members to put away items they left out.

Once a week, dusting can be done in your living room. Wipe down often-used surfaces like table tops. Mop the floors and vacuum your carpets. Move your furniture a couple of time in a year to reach areas you don’t routinely clean, such as under the sofa or chairs or behind bookcases.

Bathroom cleaning

Depending on how you use it, your bathroom can be the dirtiest or cleanest area in your house. However, when you have guests coming over to your house, you can’t afford to leave it dirty. Clean the sink to remove any build-up from toothpaste or other toiletries.

While cleaning the toilet, spray or add cleaning solution to the bowl then go clean the other areas of the bathroom. This allows the toilet cleaning agent to loosen the dirt. Afterward, scrub the bowl clean. Mop the floor last, so you leave a clean floor drying in a clean room.

Just like what you did in your kitchen area, go through all the items in your toilet cabinet every six months to check them. Throw away items that are expired already and wipe down the shelves.

Bedroom Cleaning

The most basic thing you can do to keep your bedroom organized is to make your bed. In this way, it will help you achieve the feeling of a clean and organized room. Wash the linens weekly to help reduce allergens and dust mites.

Dirty clothes should be placed in a hamper and take time to fold and put away clothing. Once in a while, dusting your furniture will help remove allergens and pollutants in the area. Vacuum your carpet to clean them. If you have bookshelves, take them out once in a while and wipe the shelves. Check also old magazines which you can already throw away to save space for your new books or magazines.


Sweep every morning to gather all the fallen leaves. Cut the grass and the plants to maintain the neat look of your patio. If you have pets, check for areas where they poop, and discard it right away.

Fall Season Cleaning

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It’s that time of the year again! Leaves start to fall and change their color. Pumpkins glow in golden fields. The summer season is officially over and heat is starting to fade. You already know- the autumn season is coming. This means that winter is also just around the corner.

Some people love the season of autumn. When leaves start to fall to the ground, it signifies that a new season is coming. You can enjoy the view outdoors, but don’t bring autumn inside your house.

You need to prepare your home for the coming winter so a fall season cleaning is a must. This is also one of the best times to call on your house painters or hood cleaners because some companies don’t accommodate cleaning works during winter because of the cold climate.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

In order to prepare your home for the winter season, below is a checklist which you can use. Tend to this checklist and you will have a clean and tidy home for the winter season.

Outside the house

  • Clean and store patio furniture, umbrellas, and children’s summer toys
  • Touch up paint on trim, railings, and deck. Use a wire brush to remove flaking paint.
  • Check caulk around windows and doors. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to re-caulk if needed
  • Inspect the external doors and garage doors. Install weather-stripping door thresholds if needed.
  • Wash exterior windows.
  • Drain and store garden hoses. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots. In hard-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems blown free of water.
  • Check gutters and downspouts. Clear of debris if necessary.
  • Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary.

The Inside of the House

The insides areas of your house require also cleaning like the outdoors. Deep cleaning now to take advantage of good weather and to welcome the approaching holidays with a clean and comfortable home.

  1. Kitchen area
  • Empty sink and dishwasher, making sure all the dishes are clean. Decide how many loads of dishes you need to do each day to keep the sink clear of dirty dishes.
  • Clean and disinfect the counters, stove, and sink.
  • Wipe down the backsplash.
  • Wipe down cupboards, oven, and refrigerator.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Dust the tops of cabinets and refrigerator.
  • Clean the condenser coils behind or below the refrigerator.
  • Empty cabinets. Wipe down the shelves and replace the contents in an organized way.


  1. Living room
  • Dust ceiling fans, window sills, and doorjambs.
  • Have your upholstery cleaned.
  • Vacuum carpets, paying special attention to corners, edges, and stairs where dirt and pet hair can accumulate.
  • Move furniture and vacuum under it.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Launder and store summer clothes. Hang fall and winter clothes to air out after storage.
  • Launder or dry-clean curtains and drapes. If you use a separate set for spring and summer, pack them away for next year and hang your fall and winter window treatments.


  1. Bathrooms
  • Clean and disinfect sink, counters, toilet and bathtub or shower.
  • Clean mirror
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Empty wastebasket and replenish toiletry supplies
  • Empty and clean medicine cabinet. Discard expired medications
  • Clean grout with a bleach-based cleanser.
  • Wash baseboards
  • Dust doorjamb
  1. Bedrooms
  • Turn mattresses front-to-back and end-to-end to equalize wear.
  • Launder or clean all beddings, mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets, comforters. Tuck the family into a warm and cozy winter bed.
  • Schedule for professional carpet cleaning early this month. Warm October afternoons speed carpet drying. Carpet cleaning firms get busy by the end of October, so schedule now for best service.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Vacuum drapes and window treatments. Clean window sills and window wells. Vacuum baseboards and corners.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, or have professionally cleaned if needed. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it.
  • Wash interior windows.
Call on your professional cleaning company

If you think you can’t do all the items in the checklist before the winter comes, you can always call on your professional cleaning company. The items can be overwhelming and you might need some help. Cleaning companies are experts in this field and they can make your house clean and tidy. They know where to start cleaning and how to handle the tough stains and spots in the different areas of your home.

Reasons to Go for Professional House Cleaning

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Nobody would want to live in a dirty home. A dirty home is also home to disease-causing germs which can cause sickness to members of the family. Therefore, it is important to keep your house clean all the time.

If you have the freedom of time, then you can take care of the cleaning of your house by yourself. However, for people who are busy working with their jobs, it is much wiser to just hire a professional house cleaning service and let these people do the cleaning.

Using professional house cleaning services

For what reasons do you hire a professional house cleaning service? Below are some of them.

  • Peace of mind

People manage a great deal of weight on an everyday premise inferable from the quick-paced lifestyle. People who hire professional cleaning don’t need to stress over cleaning which gives them the opportunity to focus on other important things. You will have peace of mind knowing that your house is still clean even when you are away.


  • Reliability

These organizations can be considered professionals in this field so you can believe in them. They have strict enlisting arrangements and enough staff to do different household needs. When you hire them, you can make sure that representatives will do the job on the scheduled date and finish it on the target time.


  • Professional service

Since they are in the service industry, you can be assured of a good customer service from them. The people from these organizations were given the proper training before deploying them to their assigned jobs. They are very much aware of the considerable number of tips and traps to keep our home tidy and germ-free.


  • Quality cleaning supplies

Cleaning companies have the quality cleaning supplies. You might have the basic cleaning supplies, but these might not come in handy for hard to remove stains. Cleaning service providers have also state-of-the-art equipment making their work easier and faster.


  • Custom cleaning plans

It is true that cleaning the house is a tedious task and sometimes you just don’t know where to start, but not for cleaning companies. They have custom cleaning plans which they strategically prepare to make the work easier. They also prepare this to finish the work as scheduled.


  • Flexibility

The best thing about these cleaning companies is you can choose your own schedule in accordance with your convenience. You can choose to have your house cleaned every week, every other week, or monthly in accordance with your necessity. For example, you can do your weekly grocery and schedule your house cleaning. In this way, cleaners can thoroughly clean your house without disturbing anybody.


  • Time-saving

Everyone just gets 24 hours a day. Sometimes in your busy schedule, you can’t face the task of cleaning your house. This is where hiring a professional home cleaning service can be helpful. They will help you save time or to just simply rest. Your cleaning company will do the cleaning job for you while you focus on other things.

Motivating your Cleaning Staff


If you are the owner of a cleaning company, you are responsible for everything. However, you also need to provide them with the most valuable item so they can perform their jobs better. What is the most valuable item? It is motivation. Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. It is the secret tool for your employees’ success and yours too.

When was the last time you motivated your employees? What are the ways to give them the motivation they need?

How can you motivate your staff?

There are different ways in which you can motivate your employees in your cleaning business. These are quite simple ways but doing them will not just help you keep your employees, they will also give them the right motivation in their jobs.

  1. Provide gift incentives

Once in a while, reward your employees with small tokens of appreciation for a job well done.


  1. Listen to your employees

A good leader is a good listener. Always find time to listen to your employees and carefully assess if you can address their issues and concerns. Listening to them will make them feel appreciated and will boost their confidence level as well.


  1. Empower them to be independent problem solvers

Once in a while, your employees may commit mistakes. Instead of giving them the solution, empower them to solve the problem on their own. As long as there are no safety concerns involved, it can be one of the best ways to motivate them.

Giving Tips to Part-Time Cleaners

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Nobody wants a dirty home or a dirty workspace. A dirty environment creates an unhealthy environment and may give illnesses to members of the family. Therefore, it is important to have regular cleaning for your homes. A clean home will give you a healthy and a vibrant home.

However, there are some instances wherein you only need part-time cleaners for your home. These cleaners can be hired from cleaning companies based on your required work. How then do you treat this kind of contract when it comes to giving a tip? Is there a need for tipping?

Part-time Cleaning Service

This service is being provided by cleaning companies to people with busy work schedule. Cleaning companies know that it is hard to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the house when you go home tired from work. The busy working people can only have time to clean their homes during weekends. If you are also busy focusing on your job, you can hire part-time cleaners. They will take care of the cleaning of your house while you focus on your job.

Part-time cleaners will clean your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even your bedroom if it needs cleaning. They will scrub the floor, clean utensils, and clean countertops and sink to give your kitchen a healthy environment. For your bathroom, they will clean the bathtub, faucets, tiles and toilet seats. The bathroom needs to be cleaned properly because this is the part of the house that gets dirty the most. In your living room, part-time cleaners will dust your furniture and sofas in the room, sweep and mop the floor to ensure its cleanliness.

Should you give a tip to part-time cleaners?

Now, the hard decision to make is whether to give part-time cleaners a tip after they finished cleaning your house. Unlike in the service industry where tipping is a common way of acknowledging the staff’s good service, the need for tipping is not stated in the contract of services rendered by part-time cleaners.

Generally, if you do not have a regular house cleaner, or your cleaners did not deliver exemplary work, you should not be obliged to give tips to them. However, there are certain occasions when you can do so. If your cleaners meet your cleaning expectation, even exceeding it, you may shed out a few more bucks to serve as a tip. For example, if they are efficient, complete the work on time, and they handled the cleaning professionally. If you decide to give a tip, ask your cleaners whether tips are allowed or discouraged before doing so. If tips are allowed, go ahead and dole out some rewards to them. If not, you can do other things to show appreciation for a job-well-done. This can be in the form of writing thank you note to the company, or a letter of commendation praising your cleaners to their company. The important thing is you show your appreciation to them whether in words or in kind.

Basic Home-cleaning Supplies

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Cleaning your home can be a tough task but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just need to have a couple of reliable cleaning materials and you can start cleaning your home. Try making simple cleaning actions per day and it will make a big difference at the end of the week.

Below are some of the basic cleaning materials that you should have in your home.

  • Broom, dustpan, and mop

These are the basic tools of floor cleaning. You use these to clean the floors of any dirt, crumbs or anything that fell to it.


  • Vacuum

Depending on the amount of carpet in your home, you may not need a big vacuum. You just need a compact one that can clean your carpets while waiting for your appointment to your professional carpet cleaners. Vacuums will prevent the buildup of dirt in your carpets.


  • Cleaning bucket

A cleaning bucket is essential to your cleaning checklist. You need to buy a bucket that is specially made for cleaning purposes.


  • Sponges

Keep separate sponges on hand: one for dishes and one for surface cleaning. If you really want to be compact, try using pop-up sponges, which can be stored flat. When you’re ready to use one, just add water and the sponge expands.


  • Scrub Brush

These are useful for scouring pots and pans in the kitchen. You only need one at a time.


  • Microfiber cloths, rags or paper towels

These are useful in your kitchen area for wiping out spills and other dirt from kitchen tops.

House Cleaning Tips

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A clean home is always a healthy home. By cleaning, you are not just making your house organized; you are also stopping the spread of disease-causing germs. You are creating a wonderful home environment for you and your loved ones.

You don’t always need to hire a professional cleaning service. Sometimes, there are also basic things which you can do to make your house look clean and tidy.

Cleaning the areas of your house

  • Bedroom

This is where you sleep so the first thing you can do every morning is to make your bed. Make sure you clean your bedcovers at least once a week. This is very important to avoid bed bugs that may grow on your bedcovers. Change your curtains once in a while and organize your shelves to give your bedroom a new look.


  • Bathroom

Depending on how you use it, this can be the dirtiest part of your house. When cleaning this area, you need to use some disinfectants and brush thoroughly the sink, tiles and toilet seat. Scrub the floor properly. If you have cabinets in this area, run a quick check on the items stored in them and throw away those which are expired already.


  • Living room

Always remind the members of your family to put away what they left in the living room. You have to organize everything that is located in this area. Dust the furniture, sweep and mop the floor. Vacuum once a week to avoid the buildup of dirt.


  • Carpets

Carpets are a good place for any contaminants to build up. Therefore, regular cleaning of your carpets is a must. Vacuum them once a week. In order to maintain their usefulness, you also need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean them properly. These companies know how to treat stained carpets because they have the proper cleaning supplies for that.

Invest in a Good Pressure Cleaner

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If you are the type of person who spends the majority of your weekends cleaning your vehicle, home, windows, garage and outdoors, then it might be the perfect time to invest in a pressure cleaner.

This amazing equipment is the solution to all your cleaning problems and will give you wonderful results in barely a few minutes. With the use of pressure cleaner, you can get spotlessly clean objects within a matter of minutes. You just need to invest in a good one so it will last for long years.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing or power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, molds, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. The volume of a mechanical pressure washer is expressed in gallons or liters per minute, often designed into the pump and not variable.

How to choose a pressure cleaner

There are different kinds of pressure washers in the market depending on your needs. The features on pressure washers vary and finding the right one depends on your individual needs.

To wash your car, you need a washer that delivers 700 pounds of pressure per square inch or 700 psi. To clean your deck or the exterior of your house, you need 1,500 psi. To clean your concrete driveway, you need a pressure washer with 3,000 psi.

Benefits of pressure washing

Pressure washing is employed by food businesses and homeowners due to the following reasons:

  • To reduce allergies caused by dirt and other pollutants
  • To minimize hazards
  • To improve aesthetics
Reasons to invest in a good pressure cleaner
  • It can ensure medical safety of your family

You might be wondering how a pressure cleaner can help with the medical safety of your family. If you take a look carefully, a lot of infections and diseases are caused by harmful dust and molds of dirt that are present in your house. They ultimately find their way to your utensils, kitchen and even your water filter. It is better to wash them away before they harm members of the family.


  • It gives old things a brand new look

People have the attitude of replacing objects which look rusty and old. They feel that it is time to already replace them where in reality; they just need a little wash. By using water pressure cleaner, you can remove stains, layers of dust, and lumps of mud that have accumulated on your patio, vehicle, window sliding, and wooden furniture. Buying a pressure cleaner is much better than investing in new items every day. A pressure cleaner may cost you a little more, but it will also help you save money in the long run.


  • It extends the life of your home furniture

If you leave your furniture, home, outdoor area and vehicle unattended for too long, they might well start deteriorating. Always remember, dirt is the thriving place of insects and rodents. However, if you have pressure water cleaner, it can help you extend the life of your objects.


Curtain Cleaning

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Curtains are used to add beauty to any area of your house. They also help in shielding the harmful rays of the sun from entering your house. For some people, they use dark colored curtains in their bedrooms to be able to sleep comfortably.

If you have curtains in your house, you also need to give attention to them and clean them regularly. You might not notice them because you are used to seeing them just hanged in the areas of your house. However, it will benefit your family more if you have regular curtain cleaning.

  1. Remove any contaminants

When you wash your curtains, you are also removing the contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and many others that may have built up on your curtain. It is recommended to clean your curtain at least once a month to ensure they are free from any contaminants. Contaminants may spread through the air and can cause respiratory infections to members of the family.


  1. Avoid allergies

If you have a family member who has an allergy, you should clean your curtain regularly. This is very useful to help prevent any allergy symptoms which may occur in the future. Remember that health comes first in your family so anything that triggers the allergy of anyone, should be given the necessary action.


  1. Prevent mold from growing

This is another good thing that you can get by cleaning your curtain regularly. You are able to prevent mold from growing. Dirty curtains are a lovely place for mold to grow. Therefore, you have to clean your curtains regularly. When cleaning your curtain, you may need to use special curtain cleaning ingredients that contain some disinfectants.

If you cannot clean your curtains on your own, there are many cleaning companies that can help you with this tedious work.