Giving Tips to Part-Time Cleaners

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Nobody wants a dirty home or a dirty workspace. A dirty environment creates an unhealthy environment and may give illnesses to members of the family. Therefore, it is important to have regular cleaning for your homes. A clean home will give you a healthy and a vibrant home.

However, there are some instances wherein you only need part-time cleaners for your home. These cleaners can be hired from cleaning companies based on your required work. How then do you treat this kind of contract when it comes to giving a tip? Is there a need for tipping?

Part-time Cleaning Service

This service is being provided by cleaning companies to people with busy work schedule. Cleaning companies know that it is hard to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the house when you go home tired from work. The busy working people can only have time to clean their homes during weekends. If you are also busy focusing on your job, you can hire part-time cleaners. They will take care of the cleaning of your house while you focus on your job.

Part-time cleaners will clean your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even your bedroom if it needs cleaning. They will scrub the floor, clean utensils, and clean countertops and sink to give your kitchen a healthy environment. For your bathroom, they will clean the bathtub, faucets, tiles and toilet seats. The bathroom needs to be cleaned properly because this is the part of the house that gets dirty the most. In your living room, part-time cleaners will dust your furniture and sofas in the room, sweep and mop the floor to ensure its cleanliness.

Should you give a tip to part-time cleaners?

Now, the hard decision to make is whether to give part-time cleaners a tip after they finished cleaning your house. Unlike in the service industry where tipping is a common way of acknowledging the staff’s good service, the need for tipping is not stated in the contract of services rendered by part-time cleaners.

Generally, if you do not have a regular house cleaner, or your cleaners did not deliver exemplary work, you should not be obliged to give tips to them. However, there are certain occasions when you can do so. If your cleaners meet your cleaning expectation, even exceeding it, you may shed out a few more bucks to serve as a tip. For example, if they are efficient, complete the work on time, and they handled the cleaning professionally. If you decide to give a tip, ask your cleaners whether tips are allowed or discouraged before doing so. If tips are allowed, go ahead and dole out some rewards to them. If not, you can do other things to show appreciation for a job-well-done. This can be in the form of writing thank you note to the company, or a letter of commendation praising your cleaners to their company. The important thing is you show your appreciation to them whether in words or in kind.